Standard House Cleaning

  • Wash and disinfect countertops moving all small appliances
  • Wipe down small kitchen counter appliances
  • Clean microwave inside and out
  • Wipe stove exterior
  • Light clean refrigerator exterior – front and sides
  • Dust cabinet exteriors
  • Wipe dishwasher and trash compactor exteriors
  • Wipe down sink, fixtures, and drain
  • Dust window sills
  • Dust baseboards
  • Vacuum carpet walkways (We use a high-powered suction vacuum with a Four Level® Filtration system that traps 99.9% of dust mites, pollen and bacteria measuring 1 micron and larger for better indoor air quality.)
  • Mop all floors on hands and knees(size of room determines) all other floors are micro fiber mopped with light cleaner
  • Wipe down washer and dryer exterior
  • Remove cobwebs as needed
  • Empty Trash as needed

This clean can be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annually